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Review for Injen Cold Air Intake:

Went to high way last night. Hit it 200km/h. Higher RPM definitely much more powerfull with no bottle neck whatsoever. It felt like the car might go more than 7000rpm. It revs so freely. One interesting fact: My Milltek exhaust sounds much quiter with less backfire (almost no backfire). It was backfire pretty bad before. I guess it's because free flow intake causing the power delivery to be much more smoother and evenly. I also felt less vibration when revving to 7000rpm. Again, much more smoother power delivery. So smooth! Anyone who said intake will make no power improvement is because they don't have JB4 and full exhaust system with catless downpipe. Intake alone will not make huge improvement for sure. You gotta have these to feel the maximum gain of the intake.

Sound: Dope!! The coolest sound ever! When I let go the gas, the car makes swooshing sound, more like blow off valve. And I don't have any blow off valve installed. It's so cool to showing off to your buddy.

Downside: Lower RPM suffer a bit. Especially, during hot summer time. Its because the intake suckin all the hot air. Not that bad though, but it more like you have to change the way you push the gas pedal. You just have to push it more.

I will dyno the car today to see the real gain horsepower...stay tuned

Overall: Must have item if you have the other bolt on

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