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Originally Posted by DSTJ99 View Post
I have a leased 328xi I just picked up and plan on putting on a set of sport line wheels immediately. Can I return the luxury line with sport line wheels? Dealer called BMW NA and they said no but I'm losing faith in the dealer.

I really like the sport line wheels and I'm putting them on but I'd hate to sit on the luxury line wheels in case BMW requires them at lease return.

Anyone else do this?
ill hold on to the lux wheels for you and give them back to you at the time of your lease return... they might have about 15k on them or so by then :wink: but hey you save storage space/costs
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Long story short. He was a huge black male. Probably 6'2" or taller and 250 lbs. He was angry as hell, and I am a tiny 5'4 white male. So, I did the only thing I could, I threw my car into reverse and no one was behind me, and I drove thru the red light as I went around him.