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Originally Posted by jdong View Post
Presumably because they're gonna sell less than 1000 of the hybrids, and it is the most expensive F30? They probably don't have enough NBTs produced to put it on every F30.
The hardware was done well before the November planned introduction for Europe and December intro for Australia/Asia. I doubt the delay has anything to do with availability/production quantities. Its actually more of a pain in the rear, from a production/logistical standpoint, for the German/SA factories to do something "different" for the NA market. More parts to house, more variations for builds and probably differences in wiring harnesses (to say the least).

My take on this is that NA wanted something credible to call a feature upgrade for MY14. NA has a LOT OF SAY with AG. BMWNA is the division that drives a tremendous volume of sales for AG. Nothing more, nothing less!

My 2 cents.