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Originally Posted by Dinan_Engineering View Post
Short answer is no.

Long answer is it wasn't designed to clear codes. One of the largest differences between a Dinan tune and most others is we don't create faults/codes so there is no reason to integrate the functionality to clear them. Just like software in previous generations we are after factory like drivability just with more 'oomph' and full integration with BMW parts and software is paramount in accomplishing that. Most other tunes rely on targeting specific signals related to boost pressure and alter those specific signals ONLY, thereby setting off codes/faults and letting the factory ECU adjust every other related parameter accordingly. We would argue that this 'reactive' adjustment hinders the drivability of a BMW that they are known for. While drivability is a subjective term a smooth delivery of increased power throughout the RPM range is nearly always the first comment someone who drives a Dinan vehicle mentions and in essence is what drivability is all about. Usable power with no hiccups, stutters, lurches or anything of that sort; just smooth power that seemingly keeps going. While the 'reactive' method works the fact remains that we see drivability suffering in addition to codes/faults constantly being set and then cleared so no CEL is given even though there is one. This is unacceptable to Dinan as it is basically skirting factory safeguards that has been put in place by BMW. Dinan on the other hand takes a 'proactive' approach and looks at / or interfaces with all related signals so no faults/codes are ever set so that the previously mentioned drivability can be given. This also ensures no CEL's will be given (visible or hidden) and the factory safeguards are still in place and usable.
These are great ideas in theory, but can you at least elaborate on how these talking points are executed? The product is tapping into the same sensors and connecting to the same points as "most others." There's a lot of talk about what it does and nothing about how it does it.

Also, if the device doesn't create faults/codes, why is there a need to clear codes upon install as you mentioned above? This isn't protocol for the other piggybacks on the market.