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Originally Posted by FC4 View Post
Also, if the device doesn't create faults/codes, why is there a need to clear codes upon install as you mentioned above? This isn't protocol for the other piggybacks on the market.
Let me clarify the fault clearing requirement on installation... If you follow install instructions EXACTLY (disconnect battery, remove connections in the correct order, etc) there will be no reason to clear codes on install as none will be thrown. However, in real world applications there is a tendency to not follow instructions exactly. When this is not done the act of removing the existing plugs from the factory ECU can create faults because the ECU is expecting data. When it can't get a response / send a signal to a system because it is not visible to it, it may throw a code. Airing on the side of caution we implemented the code clearing step in case these instructions were not followed precisely. We would hate for someone in the UK for example where no dealer is present to install the unit incorrectly, albeit by mistake, and then not have the ability to correct the error.