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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Brilliant work Dinan...and whoever you are your posts/responses are as eloquent as the company. I'm a firm believer in the quality of Dinan products as is my dealer who doesn't hesitate to perform Dinan mods and make any issues absolutely seamless to resolve....if there are issues that is, I had none.

Looking forward to repeat business with Dinan as there aren't any other tunes or tuners that I'd let near my BMW's.
Why thank you kind stranger, that actually means a lot to me. Gives some credence to my insistence on having a forum presence.

The bottom line is we stand behind our products, hence the warranty, and only wish to make our customers happy with their purchases. If there is a problem you can be assured we will try everything in our power to resolve the issue.

Our goal here is simply if anyone has questions they are free to ask them and I will answer the best I can or direct you to those that can. If you are in northern California I also encourage anyone to swing by and get a brief tour at our facilities. For most it is an eye opening event and we like to show off what we have / can do.

O, and thanks for being a Dinan customer; keeps me employed. =)