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Originally Posted by mhaghighi View Post
I have 2014 M6 GC with competition package. I want to add this. I live in jacksonville Florida. Our dealer is certified. Anything I need to know about it on my car? Besides horse power boast to 666. Any new 0-60 times with this stage 1?
I assume you are going to Tom Bush BMW. They JUST re-signed so I believe their DINANTRONICS stock is on the way to them and should be there early next week. I would call to confirm that but I believe that is accurate.

We don't release any 0-60 times just because there are so many variables involved with it (driver, weather, tires, road surface, etc) that we don't believe it provides a real meaningful measurement. If one variable is off, for instance, if the driver has a bad launch that could mean the difference of 0.2 seconds which might as well be the difference between a Smart Car and a McClaren (exaggerated but you get the point). That said there has been a decent somef independent tests done on such matters on various M5's in these 2 threads that you can get some of that information from.


Again, keep in mind results will vary but it gets you the idea.

Outside of that I would say that you have to realize that you are dealing with a 500+ HP car to begin with. A bump of roughly 60 HP 80 lb-ft of torque, while significant, may not be easily felt on a car with such a starting power number unless you know what you are looking for (roughly 10% increase in MAX power) or actually push the car to its limits where it is obvious. While that same 60 HP on a 300 HP vehicle would feel like you were shot out of a cannon (roughly 20% increase in MAX power) and you hit the max power much more often since the cap is lower. Assuming you like to go fast though and depress that gas pedal often the only other thing to be said is "enjoy;" you won't miss the old M6 GC CP you had before.