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Originally Posted by sq86 View Post
Originally Posted by IK6SPEED View Post
Let's remember that you were the first to bring up the EVs and call them a failure in this thread.

So quit telling me I took the thread off topic.

And clearly you do not understand Corporations.
Right and, as you highlighted, I said it was a failure in their eyes.

My point about it being off-topic is that you took that one line from what I said and provided me with the same 3 or 4 slides from their investor relations presentation, over multiple posts. I'm glad you can copy and paste but if you know corporations then you'll know internal discussions are often different than what is presented to the public and investors. By not meeting certain goals, aka failure(s), it has led to a reimplementation of that said strategy to attain those goals going forward. If they were to admit to not attaining such goals that would negatively affect their share price, which no company will do without having to.

Thanks to GrussGott for further clarifying along the same point.

Time will tell if sales are affected by the new design strategy but we won't know till the new 4 goes into production. Current G20 production doesn't incorporate this BS.
If you really did know Corporations, you you know that releasing information in Investors Reports that goes against what the Company is actually doing or thinking are the grounds for Investor Lawsuits against the Company, Executives and Board of Directors.

Furthermore, as stated before, no BOD would allow a Company to continue a failed strategy.
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