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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
It's mostly because this class has competition where power seats are standard. Powered seats are, or used to be seen, as luxury items and people paid extra. Now even economy cars have them.
The 335i has had standard power seats for a while, but they are not standard on the 328i. That makes no sense.
To me, it ALWAYS makes sense to pay for only what you want. I'm not saying I'd buy a 335 with manual seats if I was in the market and if it were available, but it's not like you get them 'free' just because BMW forces you to pay for them if you want that model.

Strange that angel eyes are only on the HID lights. I love the HIDs but have never been a big angel eye fan. I'm not sure why the selling point for the better lights (from a lot of posts I see here) is something that's 100% cosmetic versus the functional headlights themselves.