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How Much?

Hey Guys,

I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a new F30 (assuming I dont go the F10 route) and am looking at the M Performance parts. I'm in Thailand and trying to work out if I should go with the prices here or perhaps buy them in Singapore and smuggle them back in my suitcase :-)

Here's what the BMW dealer has quoted me:

(Those of you from the US and Europe should look away now or you are likely to die of shock......)

Price of M Aero Package = 198,000THB - this includes painting and fitting (I am planning to order an Estoril Blue car) for front and side aero parts plus rear diffuser. This equates to $8,210SGD (US$6,600). Is this in the same ball park as what your guys would pay? I believe the parts alone would cost 128,000THB which is around $5,300SGD (US$4276).