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Originally Posted by KK328 View Post
Hey guys this is great at least I have someone to talk to about this it's awesome and it's cool having our own section

I have a 328 modern 5000 km the only thing I miss in the car are the xenons I was never a fond of the shift paddles I had them in my mini S and never used them I ended up selling it and getting a manual if we had the manual here I would have definitely gotten it but having said that the transmit ion on the f30 is ver impressive all of this is cool so far but last month I was going to gounna with my wife and kids and a 74 year old man driving a fucking lance decides to make a uturn when I'm doing like 210km and you guys can imagine the rest the whole right side of the car is fucked and the car has been at bavaria and they say it will still take another month to fix
I'm trying not to think about it too much but I can't help it so I'm spending my time thinking about all the mods I want to do when I finally get my baby back
shit I hope you are ok, I almost crashed at 220 with my old 330 but thank god
maybe you should check this it's for none-xenon headlights very high quality