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just got off an UD/TREN Cycle and im on my 3rd week of PCT. Holding at 188 for the last week coming down from a peak of 193 so not a bad 19lb solid gain. You can do AAS if youre not scared of needles but at the end of the day, if youre diets not in check, youre ass aint gonna grow. People think, oh im taking this this this this that and this so im gonna bulk up in 2 months....B.S. its all hormones or some sort of test booster that can help you make gains like that. Your body can only grow so much naturally. Steroids arent a joke and weather you like it or not, SARMs are oral steroids that can sometimes be at much higher doses tan AAS because of the percentage the liver and body actually absorbs is tiny. Do your homework and if you would like some more info just pm me, ill be more than happy to help.