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Yeah, I'm definitely going to wait as I'm only 21. I just have skepticism of the advantages in Strongman. Realistically a lot of the events require more skill, and more of a "working strength" than "weight lifting strength". I know a lot of the pros use but to me it seems like its just for the mass more so than power. Weigh more move more?
Dont listen to whatever anyone says that you will be fine because it's b.s. your nuts shrivel up like raisin left out in the sun and that's te atrophy. Your body cuts off testosterone production because you are providing its through oral/injection/topical whatever. I'm started too young and I'm STILL too young to be doing this. Problem is, it can easily become a habit. I'm 22 and this is my 3rd cycle. Been lifting since high school and I've always been stalky but it was the ambition to be a meat head that led be to try it. Now I'm 5'5" standing at almost 190lbs 9.3%bf. I'm not going to lie, I want more but it's not worth it. Of course you won't make the same gain but I do it more the look than strength. Rample is right, alot of people don't do it to get strength up. 90% of users ate seeking the meat head physique. Play smart and you don't need this at your age. If you happen to try it, plz plz plz do your research and get your stuff ready. Your body isn't the best test dummy.