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Originally Posted by mkoesel
Originally Posted by shag View Post
I'd wager on 204hp/295lb-ft if the engine is indeed a tuned N47 (320d engine)... 240/295 doesn't look quite right for Diesel.
You may be onto something.

If you look at the E82 123d (the only *23d model still being produced - others have moved onto *25d now) specs on it says the engine makes 204hp and 400Nm. If you plug that second number into your favorite converter the result is... you guessed it; 295ft-lb.

As for why BMW would give us the 204hp version just as everyone else is getting upgraded, well who knows. Maybe that's the most they can get from the engine while passing emissions over here.

In any case, evidence still abounds from other sources that there will indeed be a 328d so it is still a mystery as to what that is. Of course they could still use that name here in North America even if the car is outperformed by "lesser" models sold elsewhere.
I really hope those numbers are good, anything lower than 200hp would be too slow. Please, BMW, don't give us a rebadged 320d just because you want to artifically 'upscale' that model - give us a power bump!

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