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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
I thought BMW were / are pushing diesels onto you guys to? Seems we are on opposite ends of the engine spectrums - We seem to be shifting somewhat back to petrol partly due to cost and perhaps in the States you will be buying diesels soon. It will be interesting.
Yes, we get them next year:

I'm sure it's all part of BMW NA's strategy to meet the CAFE fuel economy standards, which is fine. And it gives the diesel enthusiasts something to be happy about.

But here in the US, hybrid and plug-in vehicles have absolutely blown past diesels for those in search of a more efficient car. I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of each, but the general US car-buying public is absolutely behind hybrids, not diesels. Part of that has to do with choice. We have plentiful hybrid options from Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Honda, etc. And they are so common now, there is little fear from the first-time purchaser. Diesels still have the "dirty truck" stigma for most non-enthusiasts. Plus the aforementioned (potential) lack of fueling station options.
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