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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
In 5 years the battery will very likely need replacing. I'm curious as to $, but if I had to shoot in the dark I'll guess $2K.

Lease is perfect for this car. Purchase and out of warranty owning could be risky.
Where do you come up with this 5 years number? And if it's under a lifetime warranty, does it even matter? I don't see/hear/read about many Prius owners needing new batteries after 5 years. Honda/Toyota/Chevy each warranty for 8 years, so they couldn't be too concerned about it crapping out after only 5.

I do agree that anything after 10 years is probably pushing it. But how many people around here keep their cars 10 years? I may only keep this 3-4, but leasing isn't as flexible, and has more financing costs associated with it.
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