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There are all kinds of particles in the paint. I don't know if it's from transport or what. My last new (as in factory new) car was an 09 370z and when claying I could CLEARLY feel with my hand where I had clayed and not clayed. The clayed paint felt butter smooth and the non-clayed paint had very distinct stuff embedded in the brand new paint that I could feel. You can't see it, but you can feel it.

Of course, I drove it probably 200 miles home before making this evaluation...
I immediately clayed my car and got tons of debris. If you never clay your car again, it should be done right when you get it, before your first detail.

Formerly I was a fan of Zaino products, but love the look of carnauba on dark colors and the Zaino process takes wayyyy too long.

I did my first detail yesterday. One day after driving it home from Atlanta.

wash with Zaino Z-7
Clay with Zaino Clay
Application of BMW Carnauba Nanowax.
Application of Eagle one spray nanowax (I cannot say enough about this product. It leaves your car soooo silky smooth. I highly recommend it.)

After an hour I applied Zaino Clear Seal or Z-CS to seal the waxes in and provide protection. My car's finish is smooth and glistening. Its cheap, simple and didn't take all day. Well, about three hours