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18' 330 Door panels popping?

Anyone else have this kind of issue? My wife is going to schedule an appointment for her 18' 330 to get looked at. She's had the car 1 year in November. Since she had it and I would drive it every once and a while where I would rest my elbow next to the window would make a high pitch chirp noise as you press on it. Not a huge deal since she doesn't sit like that and was gonna address it when she gets her oil changed.

Fast forward to maybe a couple weeks ago she tells me I have to drive her car because it sounds like it's rattling apart. Naturally I never drove it. Last Saturday we went to a party for a friend and the roads are shitty around where it was. It wasn't quite squeaking like when I pushed where my elbow went but more of a popping/creaking noise definitely from both front doors and there's noises coming from the back as well. It literally sounds like a plastic built honda civic. Anyone have any issues with this yet? It may be more specific to her 18' as this is her 3rd F30. She had a 12 and a 16 already with zero issues.