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Originally Posted by murrays
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Due to the audio quality difference of bluetooth over USB, I always plan on using USB connection for my iPhone 6. I also use apps to play music exclusively (spotify mostly, sometimes pandora).

My phone is also connected via bluetooth to the car.

What's driving me absolutely mad is that most of the time when i get in, music will start playing from my iPhone. I suspect it's over bluetooth, but am not 100% positive.

This is driving me crazy because it's using the built-in iOS Music app which is just playing some random tracks in my iTunes account. These are the track that apple gave me for free, so it shows up in my Music app as not downloaded but available for streaming.

I don't want it to ever start playing music from that music app. I'd be ok with it auto starting Spotify to playback, but I'm skeptical that will ever work correctly due to it being an app.

1. How can I disable this behavior?
2. Since I always connect my phone via USB, what is bluetooth used for? Is it required for phone calls, office, etc? Or can I safely disconnect from bluetooth altogether?
I've had this same issue on rental cars and I'm sure it'll annoy me with my 335i on order. I did a quick search and couldn't find a solution if, like me, you use the music app.

In your case, you can delete the music. As for the streaming, you can go to Settings > Cellular and turn of cellular data for the music app. That should prevent music from being streamed unless you're connected to wifi.

Also, you should be able to turn off Show All Music under Settings > Music.

Hope this helps.
Great tip about turning off streaming OTA and the "show all music". Hopefully this will fix it because I shouldn't have any music locally

I can't believe this isn't an option to disable anywhere!