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Reputable shops on Maui?

Greetings all. Not sure if this forum is still active, but can anyone recommend a reputable shop on Maui?

Here is my issue, posted in the Drivetrain forum:

I recently transported my 2013 335i to HI. Drove it from MA to TX with zero issues, replaced the bumper, intercooler and drivers side the M Sport aux radiator. Car then got shipped off to HI. Again, no issues with the car before I picked it up at the port.

Immediately threw a CEL for P00BD, had rough idle (even stalling out a few times) and sputtering at low speed acceleration (car would hesitate with a loss of power, and the jolt forward. Have found many people with these same symptoms on these forms).

Cleaned the MAF but problem persists, and even threw the "Drivetrain Malfunction" warning at me.

Ordered new spark plugs and coils and will replace those once they arrive this weekend.

After more research, saw some folks had unplugged their MAF and that solved the problem (indicating a faulty MAF or in some cases faulty MAF connections).

Good news, the rough idle and sputtering went away. Bad news, acceleration was nothing like normal and I eventually triggered the "Drivetrain Malfunction" warning again.

Anyone have some thoughts as to where to go from here? Anyone aware of any good shops on Maui?

Some specs including the only mods I've done other than cosmetic:

2013 335i M Sport
103k miles
VRSF Charge Pipe (have had installed for about 2 years)
BC Racing Coilovers
Berger Phoenix Racing Performance Intercooler
Appreciate 0