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Smile My big F30 328i review thread!

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Yes, I've finally been out of my 328i long enough to create this big thread I promised! The format is going to be split into numerous posts, so I can upload the pictures to Bimmerpost and not onto an external site like Dropbox where they will inevitably be removed at some point, and this thread will be full of those annoying red X's. So, I'm going to split the topics up and hopefully illustrate each.

Now, although I have a lot of pictures, I still aim to get more when it is clean again and a nice day is upon us (for both to be fulfilled at the same time is rare) so I will edit these posts as time goes by but let you know when I do, so I recommend you subscribe!

I have one or two videos but nothing great, and nothing of driving or engine yet so I will be putting those in too when I get round to recording some!
I will be comparing my F30 328i Luxury to my E90 330d SE throughout too, which will give a unique perspective hopefully, as I haven't seen anybody leave behind an N57 for a N20 yet.
I have just broken the 1200mls barrier .

Here is my optional spec:
BMW 328i Luxury N20
Glacier Silver
18" 398 light alloys mixed tyres
Black Dakota Leather with Exclusive stitching
Fine-wood trim Fineline anthracite

Interior comfort package
Extended storage
Head restraints, rear and folding
Split-folding rear seats

Visibility package
Adaptive Headlights
Headlight Wash
High-beam Assistant
Xenon Headlights

Media package - BMW Professional Multimedia
Black panel display, full
BMW Assist
BMW Assist online portal
Enhanced Bluetooth functionality incl. BMW Assist with USB audio interface
Navigation-system Professional

Mobile application preparation
Telephone USB audio interface
Loudspeaker system - Harman/Kardon surround sound
Ext. mirrors - folding, auto dimming
Windscreen with grey shade band
Sun protection glass
Seat heating, front
Seat heating, rear
Sports seats, front
Reversing Assist camera (thrown in free as part of lease deal)
Front & Rear PDC (Standard equipment)
Sport Automatic Transmission

So, without further ado, let's get on with it!

The Engine
In a word; brilliant.

The Economy
I can't be 100% accurate with this because the car has only just met the 1200mls run in period but I've not been too disappointed. On a motorway run, I get about 42mpg which is great because that is where it spends the majority of its time! This isn't nannied either, this is 80-85mph ish and a few bursts to get past folk - no eco drive here, although I do put it in Eco Pro which seems to be saving me a good few miles!

In town and knocking about, this figure drops rapidly to about 32-36mpg which I was not used to, coming from my awesome 330d which always stayed in the 42-48mpg range. If I went on an eco drive in that, I could achieve north of 50mpg!! I usually put the 328i back into Comfort mode in town because the throttle response is a bit too dopey sometimes and I don't want it to upshift as much.

I haven't done the math, but hopefully the price of petrol means this MPG deficit to my 330d isn't costing too much more.

The Performance
Woah. Linear! AND QUICK! Oh yeah, it shifts. I haven't had a spirited driving session in it yet, but the few bursts I've had have blown me away! VERY IMPRESSED!!

Peak torque comes in so low down and stays for so long, it's always ready to go and then the power comes on and woahhhh! Very different experience to the diesel, which came in more of a burst, although there was power all over its rev-range. The diesel felt more aggressive and punchy (and bloody quick) but the 328 is soo much smoother. It just goes, linearly and keeps going. And going. And going! Unbelievably smooth engine and power delivery, I couldn't recommend this engine more! So versatile. So good. Feels so strong as well, which was my worry coming from a torque monster, I thought this may feel weak in comparison but absolutely not!

In fact, it shocked me the other day as I passed the 1200mls barrier, the speed the needle moved to 135mph was amazing!! I didn't even have my foot the floor (and I was in Eco Pro) but I've never seen a car that has rattled through the three figure mph's as quickly as that!

EDIT: Just done an acceleration test, so here is the video! Using the launch control technique, my car yielded 5.45s to 60mph!
The technique if you are unaware, is:
Sport +
Foot on the brake, 2000rpm
GO! (I didn't have my foot to the floor for the initial stages of this launch)

That beats my 330d's time of 5.7s to 60mph, so the crown goes to my 328i! I bet the new, more potent F30 330d can just beat 5.4s though!
Here is the video of my E90 330d doing the 0-60mph sprint.

Be sure to hit 1080p on both of them!

The Sound
A lot of people have said the N20 sounds like a diesel at idle, due to the clackity-clack of the direct injection. Nah.

If you're outside the car or have the windows down, you can hear the clackity-clack but it isn't that loud once warmed up and you would have to be a bit of a moron to mistake it for a diesel engine. Inside, it's damn near silent at idle - lovely!

Others have said that the exhaust isn't loud enough and doesn't make a great noise. It's by no means loud, but it is pronounced and over here in the UK, stands out on the road - nothing makes a noise like it! On a cold start when both exhausts are open (or on the move when both open), it makes a (reasonably loud) throaty, deep burble which sounds awesome! But then when it's nice 'n warm, it's beautifully quiet.

Now I've had a chance to push the car and note the sound at high revs yet, it makes a nice sound and I'm very happy with it!

In comparison to my 330d. Hmm. At idle, the 328i beats it, no doubt. On the move? Hmm!! I think it's going to have to go to my 330d! That straight 6 made such a fantastic noise, but only after 1500rpm really, whereas the 328i sounds good at all engine speeds.

Either way, I like it a lot, and am very happy!

Sublime. No detectable turbo lag, and in Sport/Sport +, savage throttle response! Comfort is just nice and Eco Pro really subdues it.
My 330d had a little bit of turbo lag (but for a turbo diesel, exceptional) and it was never a problem. Barely noticeable to be honest, but on the 328i, nothing!

Think I've covered most things there...
Any questions/requests on the engine, post away!
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