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The Transmission

I have the Sport Automatic Transmission equipped to my 328i Luxury, and it's just perfect! I've never owned an automatic transmission car before (more than 18 years since a petrol engine'd car too!) but have driven a few, and been disappointed by most of them to be honest. This 8spd auto is a very different case! In Comfort mode, it is always absolutely perfect! Always in the right gear, always ready to go, always fuel efficient. Eco Pro makes it upshift much more aggressively which in my hilly area sometimes requires it to drop a gear all of a sudden so I usually leave it in Comfort unless on the motorway, when I drop down to Eco Pro. Sport mode ensures it's always in attack mode too so that's nice! It just does a great job and I can't say much more than that. It spends pretty much 100% of its time in D because it's just....perfect as aforementioned!

Now, I did test drive a 328i Luxury with the Standard Automatic transmission and it seriously wound me up as some may remember me saying, and completely ruined the car and engine. The shifts were slow and with 8 gears to go through, it had constant power interruptions and was not smooth at all. It was also less aesthetically pleasing because there was no leather surround, the gear stick was of a lower quality and there were no paddle shifters on the wheel. Did not like it at all and it had me worried that my 328i would be much the same! However, I also test drove the fabulous 320d with the Sport Automatic transmission, and like my 328i, it was absolutely perfect, and I drove it with a huge grin on my face!

It's so difficult to tell when it changes gear - especially as it has run in, there has been a huge change and it has loosened up and become even smoother.
So, I'm very happy once again!

Barely use it because D does such a good job, but DS seems excellent! The shifts that were already super quick in D get even sharper and more aggressive and take it right up to the redline! The S1, S2, S3, etc... display is also very nice!

Barely use the paddle shifters or sequential shifter like DS, but on the small occasion I did, they were fabulous! Feel really good and super quick. It's also nice just to know they are there so you can take over at any point.

Only done it once now I've passed 1200mls but super quick, super savage, super effective. Nice.

So, if you're in any doubt of which automatic transmission to get, get the Sport Auto without doubt, it is worth a £1000 more than the standard and only £150 extra in the UK!

So nice not having to change gear and still having full control, especially in traffic!

Any questions/requests on the Sport Automatic Transmission, post away!
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