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iDrive & Tech

BMW Professional Multimedia
Very expensive, very impressive. Worth £2000, not sure, but it is damn good! The big screen is nice and clear and the whole iDrive system is really easy to use with lots of features I'm not going to go into because you can find these yourself! I will mention a few though.

Navigation & Connected Drive
Seems quite good, I especially like the Google Local Search, RTTI, the display, the 3D mapping in large cities, and just everything about it! I really like the little nav display you get between the speedometer and revcounter too, and the woman is pleasant enough. BMW Assist is also very helpful at sending addresses to the car, I've had to use them once already when a business had changed premises, unknown to the nav and Google and it came straight in to the car and was ace!

The BMW Apps are good too, I can view the news and weather on the move and have the car read out articles to me, with pictures! Clever stuff!

Black Panel Display
The full Black Panel Display is very nice and informative with lots of cool animations, pictures and colour and just looks the part!

After hours of typing this now, I've kinda lost motivation and lost track of what I'm talking about so please feel free to ask questions on anything or request a pic/video or something!

I'm really enjoying my new car and will continue to do so until it goes in three years time. And then I will enjoy the next one!

With BMW Apps on the BMW Professional Navigation with the iPhone4s in the Media Cradle, PlugIn becomes available in CD/Multimedia and ConnectedDrive which is a neat iPod interface. I like this a lot, it seems easier to use than BMW's system actually, which I found to be a bit clunky until I got used to how to search properly.

Quick video to show PlugIn. Number 4 on the 1-8 thingy is Activate PlugIn for me!

Thanks guys!

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