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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
Seems to be a controversial opinion but perhaps xdrive is the future. I know a lot of countries with high amounts of snow swear by it on stock tyres. Personally never been convinced about specific argument for winter tyres in UK but personal choice.
Will depend on what are the stock tyres. If All-season are fitted then xDrive is better than RWD on summer tyres, but put a RWD with winter tyres against xDrive and All seanon and the RWD is the better and safer car to drive on black ice, slush and snow.

For me, the worst driving situation is to have an AWD vehicle behind me in adverse conditions. I'm on winter tyres and have the ability to brake in the shortest distances. The average AWD driver seems to think they are invinvible in winter conditions, because they have a 4x4, think nothing of how it is tyres that makes the safer vehicle, drive too fast, too close and can't brake any better than the 2WD car. Are just as liable to have accidents or find the ditch... as they do. Unless they have winter tyres.

All-season tyres are a compromise, neither best for performance summer driving, or the best for winter conditions. Even with an xDrive saloon or touring, to get the best from it through the seasons you still need two sets of wheels, HP summer and cold weather/winter tyres.

An xDrive on HP summer tyres (like most X3 and X5 vehicles in the UK on their 'sport' wheel sets) will have very little advantage over a RWD car, just a little more traction, but nothing more in the conditions folks think AWD is the business.