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Hunter 4-wheel Alignment - July 2020

It's been a few weeks since the Eibach springs and RARB went on, so time to get the alignment done.

In the time I've had the car, it hasn't been redone (although it was done as part of the AUC sale), but in 2 years with runflat tyres on UK roads, I suspected it was out a little bit by now anyway.

Went up to Abbey Motorsport in Oxted, Surrey who have a Hunter 4-wheel laser alignment setup there.
They are a mostly Japanese motorsport-oriented place, but do non-Jap and road stuff.
Fantastic staff, and meticulous mechanics with great attention to detail.

Despite spraying a load of Plus Gas on the rear adjustment nuts, as I know they have a habit of seizing, it must have not made much difference, as they had to get the induction heater out (better than a blowtorch but not cheap... 150 filaments that only last several times apparently). That's why its quite expensive if everything is seized, it takes time and costs money.

Anyway they managed to free them off without too much trouble, and got about adjusting. He got it pretty much in the middle 1/3 of the green range, but that wasn't good enough for him, so he spent about 5-10 minutes on each adjustment making micrometers of adjustment so it was bang in the middle. Went back and made a few more adjustments and tweaks again.

All in all was about 60 minutes on the ramp, and worth the time/money.
Surprisingly not too far out of whack beforehand, considering its been a couple of years and it's been lowered.

Room for a bit of spacer action there:

Heating the bolts up:

Penetrating spray burning off:

Rear's almost done:

Front's turn now:



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