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Sun Visor warning label removal - July 2020

It's a wet and miserable Monday. The wife is at work, and I'm on a day off.

So I decided to remove the airbag labels off the passenger-side sun visor.

Surprisingly easy to remove... I've had cars in the past where they are basically fit-once-and-never-remove, and attempting to remove them causes damage to bits that aren't really fixable or replaceable.

Fortunately a nice easy T20 torx once you lift the screw cover. Even the bracket and wiring comes out easily.

Took about 40 minutes, although most of that was waiting around whilst the spirits soaked the labels.

The inside label (vanity mirror side) was easy to remove, the other side a bit more difficult. No idea if that's because its usually up so the mirror-side one isn't exposed to sunlight/UV as often.

Managed to get them both off with a bit of rubbing, and then got rid of the gluey residue around the edge with some Gtechniq panel wipe which is basically isopropyl alcohol. (I used methylated spirits for most of the label, because its much cheaper than the panel wipe).

Almost can't see where the labels were, certainly better than before.

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