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Originally Posted by Logicoeur View Post
A resonator delete will only increase drone since you drive in comfort most of the time.

If you want the MPE to be louder with your current driving habits you'll need to go catless with the oem resonator. Else you change the system.

The loudest valved exhaust with the valve closed is probably that new Valvetronic system in a recent thread — bar the really expensive meistercrafts and Armytrix systems. But those systems al have a what seems like huge mufflers in the axleback. — The race version (valvetronic) is an axleback with a small straight through resonator on one pipe, and just a valve on the other. The street version replaces the small resonator with a quieter muffler.
Valvetronic actually decided to ditch the race version because of the drone, even with stock midpipe; so they are selling just the street version. I have it installed along with a catless downpipe and stock midpipe and it's a great refined sound. I'm looking for a little bit more though so I'm contemplating deleting the res