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Originally Posted by adelphi_sky View Post
I guess we can take a poll of how many people who purchase BMWs purchase them with the intention of tracking addition to using them as their mode of transportation. Not necessarily their only mode. Because so many people in these forums ARE interested in modding their cars with performance parts and tuning chips, etc.

These cars are expensive because of their quality and already good performers without mods. So, I find it interesting that at $50,000, do people really mod their cars for competition purposes. It seems odd to do all the mods just go to 80 down I-95.
It's surprising but there are a lot of drivers who mod these cars for even more power. On enthusiasts sites like this you'll find a much greater percentage who mod vs the regular population.

Just take a look at how many 328i owners on this site are excited about mods to get more power from the N20. They are happy that they can mod the N20 to equal or near equal power level as the N55.
That's great. Yet, as with any mod that messes with stock engine tuning, the warranty will be void if the dealer finds it.

Another benefit to getting the 335i over the 328i is that the N55 already produces that power, stock, that some 328i drivers will get after the mods.
If you knew you wanted more power to begin with, the N55 is the better choice, imo, mostly because it retains it's warranty.
The lower cost of the 328i sounds promising to those who want to mod it, and the cost to get 335i power will likely cost less than the cost difference between the two models. But, what cost is there to potentially losing your warranty? For me, I prefer to have the warranty with the higher stock power.

For me I won't mod the engine. I may do a couple track days, but that's it.
The appeal of the 335i isn't just the added power. It's also the inherent smoothness of the N55's inline 6. Also, the sound of the engine when I crack the throttle WFO. I just enjoy it, and it's worth paying extra for.
There is a visceral quality that some people simply enjoy with the N54/N55.
Where I live I get ample opportunity to use my 135i's N54 engine at full zing, and I can continue to do that with my 335i as well.

No, I don't "need" all that power for daily driving. But then I didn't get a BMW just for relaxed daily driving. If that is all I wanted, something to get me to work and back everyday, there are plenty of other cars at lower cost that would do that. That's not a slam on anyone. Some of us just have different wants.

The 335i gives me 2 cars in one. I have a very nice, comfortable daily driver, that will get me decent MPG with the 8spd AT, and with the same car I can pretend to have a "sports car" that I can bomb around on the weekends and evenings.

I was sold on the 328i when I first drove it. I was really amazed at how well the engine worked along with the whole F30 chassis. There is more than enough power from the N20 to drive daily and have fun at other times.
Then I tested the 335i, and it was more like my 135i. It adds something that I like and enjoy. I knew I would give up the lighter handling of the 328i, but I gain something else I like with the 335i.
It's not true that the 335i is not a great handling sport sedan. It simply is.
The 328i just adds more to the great handling of a 3 series.

It's funny to me when those who negate the 335i's greater power, by saying you can't use all that power on a daily basis, yet praise the 328i for it's better handling. Well, the same standard can be thrown back at that.
How often will you get the chance to exploit the 328i's better handling on a daily driving basis?
You make choices, and sometimes you may give up something to get something else.

Yes, yes I know, another long "book" from me.
Part of my work requires writing, so I can get long winded.
Sorry Elk.
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