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Originally Posted by josephr25 View Post
Yeah I'm afraid if I test drive the 328i I might just get it because it's new and more practical than my coupe is right now. Now that I bought a place a few months ago, the F30 335i is kinda out of my price range... I'm not sure if the sound will bug me that much; most of my driving is highway early in the morning and around 7 PM at night.
If you need the car now, you should drive the 328 and not step foot in the 335 since you say its out of your price range currently. I drove both, and like others have said, the 328 is fantastic. You won't be tempted if you stay away from 335.

Or, if you can hold off on the car till you can save more cash, and/or buy a 1 or 2 yr old used F30, then maybe try driving both when they are both in price range.