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Something like that.

Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
Does it mean you have a 'second hand' car?
The dealer explained it as a loophole in the legislation. They register it as a dealer demo with a regular ACT rego plate. They then tell ACT motor registry that it should be transferred to your ownership and no stamp duty is paid as you are not an ACT resident. ACT allows you to hold ACT registration if you live interstate (NSW at least - might need to investigate other states). Once the rego expires a year later you can then go change your plates and register in home state. My one concern is that you typically have to change rego within 3 months of moving interstate and I have lived in NSW for many years. So what I will do is change early and get a pro rata refund from ACT and re-register in NSW. Given we pay enough other taxes on the transaction, saving $2.5k on stamp duty is a nice bonus.

ACT has other interesting benefits....for example if you buy investment property you can claim the stamp duty in full against federal income tax in year 1..... something you can apparently only do in the territories but not the states.