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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
Only for your own benefit, never for resale.
From what I learnt in selling the E90 privately, no one cares about your options & upgrades. They only look at the base car (even if fully optioned) price and work from there.

One idiot tyre kicker posted me a carsales link to a 2005 E90 similar to mine, for $25k. I then quickly checked carsales and posted him a link to another 2005 E90 (not mine) for $35k. A polite way of telling him to get lost.

Keeping the car in tip top condition is very important as is low kms. Pretty much everything else is moot to a second hand buyer, especially if the car is 7 years old as they look at the age of the car and think that lots of maintenance work has to be done. No necessarily true, but they do not know how you treated your car over the previous years of ownership.

They only remember the one off horror story of say an electrical failure, the a/c not working, bits falling off etc. This is the association made with certain brands & models. They never think of the thousands of other perfectly performing cars in great condition.

The smart buyer will look past these and really look at the individual car for sale. The smart buyer is very rare indeed.
Very true.. I have never kept a car for more than 4 years. I think in 4 years it'll probably go fro 90+ to 40..

OP could you let us know if u got a quote for that build