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Originally Posted by Showtyme5 View Post
This is funny. Can you find one review that says anything about the interior being cheap or looking cheap? I've driven a 3.6L ATS, and the interior is anything but cheap. It's much nicer than the BMW and I think most people would agree (BMW fan or not). Say what you want about CUE, as people will either like it or not, but at least it's more interesting than sticking half an IPad into the dash without the ability to have it go down lol. I question whether you really sat in it at all.......

As someone who is currently shopping around, I'd rank the interiors like this:

1) Audi A4/A5
2) ATS
3) Mercedes C Class
4) BMW 3 Series

That's not to say any of the interiors are "bad" or poorly done. But the Audi has to be the nicest overall. The ATS is the most daring, interesting and technologically advanced (the stuff CUE does is pretty incredible). All the C has going for it is the interior. And the 3 series is just plain dull. That's how I see it.
actually the CUE system got the worst reviews by car & driver whereas the idrive actually got the best system nod from them. also the touch screen ergonomics suck. too far of a inconvenient reach while you are driving to select stuff via CUE. I also think the system is quite slow myself.

I'm sure the ATS is a fine car and I am all for better competition because it just raises the bar for all manufacturers. Hopefully it will force BMW ot stop up a little on the LCI or next gen to truly make it the dominant car in it's segment like it always has been.
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