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Originally Posted by Cisitalia View Post
I would say that I am still happy with the drive train setup. I have always had manual transmission sporty cars (not counting Jeeps, suvs etc.) all my life, so I was a little worried about making a mistake. But I must say I am content with what I have, especially since I have to commute in traffic. Constant clutch in clutch out can get tiresome. That said, to realize true potential in the ATS, sport mode really makes a big difference and using manual shift helps to (paddles or shifter work fine). I never gripped about six speed manual gears, so I don't see any problems with the auto -6 speed either. Although others will tell the merits of an 8-spd, I don't see the need. Lots of shifting going on all the time with the 8-spd. But I guess you can't ignore the apparent slightly better gas mileage.

So go check it out and let us know what you think. I think the drive train setup is fine the way it is. Sometimes I miss my N54 low end torque, but it won't rev much. But the 3.6 V6 in the ATS revs nicely with some great sounds that the N54 did not have.

OBTW, this car is a great handling car, better than most BMWs that I have driven in awhile (non-M). I just canít believe how composed it is and inspires lots of confidence. I guess the magnetic ride suspension and mechanical LSD helps a lot.
Thanks for the reply. I intend to check the ATS in both 3.6 and 2.0T MT guise. I'll report in.