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Originally Posted by 3s-a-charm
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The same damn car as a F30 sedan. This disappoints me since the whole 4er thing is a bunch of bull&$%*. I bet it's called a 4er just for more money and that's it. I was expecting options similar to a 6er and not a 3er. And what's up with paying for an alarm again after making it standard on the E92s? C'mon BMW, is this 1991? A $60k 435i without an alarm...oh brother.
If you think BMW is naming the 4-series "4" for more $$$ I think you're mistaken. The 3 series is the most popular model for BMW so diverting from that is a big risk and is most likely to adapt their nomenclature for the entire model line so the "big picture" lines up between all of the series. It's no secret that purists have balked at the renaming (especially renaming the iconic M3 to a *gasp* M4) so I highly doubt this is a money grab on BMW's part.

We will adapt to the new naming convention in time though... especially the part where they are renaming the 1-series to the 2-series to make room for the M1?? (guy can dream, can't he?)
I disagree completely. The business case/model was successfully proven by Audi making essentially an A4 coupe an A5 and then charging a premium for it.
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