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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
You are misrepresenting my comments.

"Well known fact" was in reference to Sport and M-sport models getting the extra cooler for the passenger (I originally said driver) side. I didn't use that term to describe the raised limit.

The "extra cooler" on the (US) driver's side is available on 335i M-sport models. I don't know if you get the cooler on the driver's side if you order All Season tires with a 335i M-sport.
I don't think I'm misrepresenting your claim.
Your comment:
So the logical conclusion to be drawn is that option code 840 for Increased Top Speed Limiter adds the extra cooler.

I'm saying that the cooler is not relevant to the higher speed rating.
The speed rating is due to the tires.
As one poster has stated even non sport 335i's have that cooler, so it's not relevant to the speed rating.

If this cooler is relevant to the speed rating, I'm asking to see the reference source for this information.
I understand that you may not have this information.
I don't agree that one can make your logical conclusion without that information.

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