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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I suppose it depends on how you want to quantify "light output", but BMW claims they're better:

Let me know when your phone can project turn by turn directions into your HUD

BTW, you can use google maps to find a destination and send directly to the car's navigation, you use the BMW Remote App.
Yeah I know about the Remote App, but as I said I prefer the phone itself. With ios 6 the screen turns on automatically when I need to make a turn so I just stick the phone in a cup holder or something and can easily glance at it and have my eyes on the road in two seconds. I find the HUD extremely distracting, but that may just be me.

It seems like a dick move on their part if they give the 4GC the new motor and F32 early adopters are stuck with the N55. I guess it's good news for me, though, since I just got a car and the main reason I thought about waiting for F32 was the rumor of a new motor.
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