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Originally Posted by blumagic View Post
It is tough from the video to narrow down.

The reason I asked if the replacement parts are oem is because I have had many experiences where non-oem belts and tensioners make noise. More so non-oem belts.

It does kind of have a belt sound from the video. Id start by turning on the AC at idle to see if the noise happens with that load on the belt.

Id look for vibrations on all the pulleys, specifically the new tensioner.

loosen the tensioner and check the pulleys for play

Since the problem started when new parts were installed I would doubt it is coincidence so Id be focused on those parts.
i went ahead and got my original post cleaned i realized it was a bit confusing, everything that i have replaced so far was to try to address the issue and still not having any luck. It does make belt squeaking type of a noise which is the first thing i did was replace the belt and tensioner with bmw OE stuff which made sense since the car sitting at 80k miles. After i did that there was no change to the squeaking sound/noise. So i took everything off and double checked the pulleys and did the AC trick to put more load, still no change to the sound. Eventually i narrowed down the sound to only when the car is in motion at very low speed 0-20mph, at 20mph the sound/noise goes away. Also a weird thing that car does not make that sound in reverse .... knowing BMW there is some weird contraption in the front diff that is making that noise LOL
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