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Originally Posted by Thurman Murch View Post
In some ways BMW is going in the wrong direction...

And the competition is going to capitalize on this...

Although I'm a fan of exx m cars and came close to pulling trigger on Porsche and auto union.... My next new car absolutely positively will not be a BMW

They aren't exciting anymore, unless the F8x is more aggressive and comes with black series type products, BMW will lose its purist fan base

And I really think the new interiors on the f3x feel cheap and plasticy and those door pulls and the cheap feel of the seats and rickety build

To each their own and some people like the new ones ok but I'm not seeing as many new bimmers as I have in the past

Did BMW really lose that much money from the hpfp issues? And epic fail on not offering the manual w the xdrive

I couldn't agree more on the feeling cheap. Last year I sat in an e39 for the first time in years and I was shocked at the quality of the materials used in that car. I had gotten so used to the current materials that I had forgotten what used to be. If you get a chance, I suggest to everyone, go sit in an e38, e39 or even e46 and then get into a current BMW. Material quality shock will set in.
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