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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
Your answer about Global Warming will tell me how much you understand about science. You brought it up?! You and Quick6EF are quick to question one's intelligence and are very condescending. Why must you attempt to downgrade one's intelligence when trying to prove a point ?
1. You mentioned global warming. How are you so deluded to think I mentioned it first?
2. You clearly stated you won't read the scientific papers.
3. You have provided zero proof on anything you said. I can safely conclude it comes from the emotional feelings welling up inside you.

Me being a condescending ass has no relevance on the quality of information. You are doing the typical attack-the-messenger and not attack-the-facts (because you can't - they are facts).

So really, while you wallow in ignorance and snarky comments, please don't try to drag me into this.