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Here's what I would propose:

- Do away with the silhouette racing and make the series production-based.
- Do away with the V8 and go for that 2.0 turbo.
- Open the door a little to allow FWD cars in order to attract more manufacturers.
- Talk to other manufacturers and try to entice them to join. Talk to Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Toyota/ Lexus, Nissan/ Infinity (it'll probably be either Nissan or Renault if they take the bait) and try to get them to join.
- Yes, I know that there are other touring car series in which the other manufacturers might already compete in, but if you revise the regulations to be closer to the other touring car series but still keep DTM just different enough (think touring cars plus) to warrant entry for those manufacturers, it'd be an easier sell than what is currently the case.
- Maybe think about basing the series a segment down, i.e. instead of basing it on the 3/ M4 and A4/ RS5, base it on the 1/ M2 and A3/ RS3 to allow for entries like the Megane, Fiesta, etc. Of course, this creates a problem for companies like Jaguar and Alfa Romeo though... On second thought, maybe keep the segment as is.

How high are the costs involved with DTM racing at the moment anyway? I can't imagine it could be that high, surely. Did Mercedes pull out due to the costs being too high, or because they just have too much committed to its F1 program?

Audi is no longer involved in LMP1, and BMW is only involved in GT racing at the moment as far as I know (plus Formula E next year). If the costs aren't too high for either Audi and BMW, then I have to assume that the F1 bill is preventing Merc from staying in DTM which, let's face it, does not attract that much attention outside of the more hardcore fanbase globally.

If you can get more manufacturers to join and fashion the regs in such a way that it would feature close, paint-swapping racing regularly, it'll attract more eyeballs eventually.

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