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Originally Posted by newbmwuser View Post
looks awesome, but are they legal?
As for them being LED's, yes they are legal, provided that they are bright enough (and these seem bright enough), I don't see why not. Only thing that may make a difference (but they would have to take them out and actually know a thing or two about the car how it is delivered and such) is that the LED's are probably not DOT approved which in my own state (I don't know if it is anywhere else like this) not legal. Anything has to say it's DOT approved or we're not allowed to have it over here, but that could be different in your state.

There's only two concerns imho:

1 - It may vary per state if it is legal to have white turn signals instead of amber turn signals (in most states it is legal but I can't say if it is legal for all states).

2 - It is not legal in the US to have no amber markers. Seeing how the turn signals share their functionality with the markers on the 3 series, it is technically not legal to have white ones.

Having said that, I have been driving without front markers ever since I first coded my car and many police officers have seen it, yet none has actually mentioned it to me *knocks on wood*. Same goes for the time I drove around with white turn signals. I once saw an officer look at it from his vehicle but he never said anything about it. I think it is a bit of a non issue, it probably only is an issue when one of the officers is in a very bad mood or when you have to bring your car down for inspection (if you have that in your state).

My personal thought is, if you like how it looks, just get it and don't worry too much about it

Edit: I just noticed you're from Melbourne so obviously what I said mostly does not apply to you haha.. change where I say "state" īnto "country" and it probably makes more sense but still, I couldn't give you a complete answer since I don't know what the laws in your country are.
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