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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
Well... You want to save money and you end up negating the difference or most of it, by installing an aftermarket exhaust. You could have ended up with a 6 banger, a nice sound and great performance for just a little more if you had realized your mistake in the first place.

Only thing I can think of outside of the money factor for getting a 328 over a 335:

- Better fuel economy (get a Prius if you're green or a Kia if you're broke)
- Better weight distribution (very slim difference noticeable in racing only)
I drove the 335, handling was not noticed only when racing.

Fuel economy matters, it matters more and more, its part of the times.

I tested an 8spd 335 against my 6mt 328 and both got good results, but the n20 was over ten percent better, if the n55 had been a manual the gap would have been even larger.

So to spend $1000 on a 328 for an exhaust magically means you could have had an 335? No.

Me, well I modify everything, cars can always be made better. So knowing the exhaust(free but anyway) and my $300 tune gave me 335+ performance is pretty amazing as I get to keep the better handling and economy.

I bought my 328 and not a 335 as another FI straight 6 BMW is redundant for me. Factor in my unique 328 build that was almost one of a kind due to the low price I snagged it for, yeah woks for me. If they offered me a 335 for the same price, would I say no, give me the

The idea that no one would want a 328 if they could afford a 335 is pretty presumptuous. Some guys prefer c-cups to d-cups lol. For me, I already have a wife(in this case the 500+hp BMW) with double DD's so having a fling with a girl with C's is nice for a change lol.

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