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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
The 320 is less boost friendly than the 328 as it has inferior pistons. It's not more boost friendly, they both have the same compression ratio. So your assertion that the 320 is more boost ready than the 328 is incorrect.

The 328 has smaller brakes than the 335 because it has less weight over the-nose. Larger brakes also cause an increase in unsprung weight. So just because the 328 has smaller brakes does not make them inferior to the 335. Compare stopping distances of same line, same tire cars and I am sure the 335 will not trounce the 328.
Actually you'll need to reread what I said. Look at the parts list, the cylinders for the N20 and N26 are now discountinued. Both 320 and 328 engines have been confirmed with the same 10:1 compression ratio from another board. The exhaust manifold/turbos, head, connecting rods, crankshaft, intake manifold, air filter, intercooler, throttle body, MAF, and DME/ECU all share the same part numbers. Most likely the HP/Tq difference between the two motors will be the difference between a 0 and 1 in the ECU. Hence the 320 will likely be low boost and the 328 high boost.

Someone else summarized that the 320 will be able to knock on the 328 doors but it will now be difficult for the 328 to knock on the 335 doors. Possibly what this is saying is that even the 320 could knock on the doors of the 335. I guess we'll find out shortly as more people start modifying their cars.

As for the brakes, agreed, the 328 is lighter but it's not just a one stop performance. It's obvious that both brake systems are able to bring the tires to maximum adhesion. I think you will find it rare for any modern car that can't. But it's consecutive stops and the consistency of the performance over the consecutive stops where the 335's brakes will start to perform better.

Regardless, I've made my decision and you've made your decision which is why we have what sits in our respective garages accordingly. Nothing wrong with that.

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