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Originally Posted by jpp01 View Post
Davetwilliams, do you mind me asking about the wiring for the Westfalia. Does the dedicated wiring harness/unit, that can be purchased with the Westfalia plug directly into the BMW harness or do you have to use snap in Scotch Locks to pick up the signals? Mines a 63 plate F31, so the wiring may be slightly different, as yours is newer model?
Hi sure. Six wires in total (I only went for 7 pin electrics). I think there are an extra 2 for 13 pin electrics). There are two wires that scotch lock (one to get brake and one to get 'ignition on' signals). Then there are two wires that plug into the CAN connection plugs (There are two plugs and one wire goes into each into a spare 'port'). Then live (with fuse) and earth connected to the battery.

I could scan the instructions if that would help - only two or three pages worth. It would take a pro about 5-10 minutes probably to fit.... the wiring for mine was all in the battery compartment which is in rear driver side of boot. other instructions I've seen require the two cables that plug into the can to be routed to the front passenger side of the car.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.