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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
C class sedan is outselling F30 in US like for like. that must be worrying.
I agree, the C class is gaining a lot of market share at the expense of the 3 series. Letís take a look at the market share between the 3 series vs. the C class, A4 and the Infinite G. In Sep 2007, BMW 3 series sold 97039 unit YTD, A4, 29469 YTD, Infiniti G, 47132 and the C class, 36184. The 3 series had a 46% US market share in Sep 2007. Lets compare that to todayís market share, BMW 3 series sold 68352 unit YTD in Sep 2012, A4, 41235 YTD, Infiniti G, 46034 and the C class, 57740. The current 3 series' US market share is down to 32%.
Look at the difference between the US Sep 2007 YTD and Sep 2012 YTD sales numbers, the C class went from 36184 units to 57740 and the 3 series went from 97039 units down to 68352 units. Thats a gain of +60% in sales for the C class comparing Sep 2007 YTD to Sep 2012 YTD and a lost of -30% in sales for the 3 series comparing Sep 2007 YTD to Sep 2012 YTD.