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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
In summary it's hard for any president to bring unity when the representatives of half of those you seek to to unite meet behind closed doors on the day of your election and make a tactical decision to oppose everything you do and to distort your record and everything you stand for.
OK, so assuming that is the case, then these same representatives, will all do an about-face, and bend over backwards to work with Obama if he's re-elected? If they lose the chance to keep him a 1-termer, then they'll simply abandon their position completely and work hard so that his final term will go down in the history books as one of the most productive in history, so that come 2016, people will all be really pleased with the Democratic party?

If you are right about the root cause of the congressional gridlock (evil tea partiers), then that hardly sounds like the ideal outcome in the minds of people who are willing to shamefully harm the country just to smear Obama's name. If the closeness of the polls is any indication at all, it doesnt seem likely that all the GOP congressmen will be voted out in a clean sweep because the public is fed up with their "obstructionism". Unless such a sweep occurs, that will hardly send a message to the congress to check their ideology at the door and play nice.

If you are wrong about the root cause of congressional gridlock, and maybe Obama himself should shoulder some of the blame, then we still have a problem going forward if he's re-elected.

If you are right and he's re-elected, doesnt sound like things will improve a lot.
If you are wrong and he's re-elected, doesnt sound like things will improve a lot.

Maybe that's why Romney is enjoying support that is very close to Obama's right now. People look at their personal financial position today, and have become disillusioned with the irrational exuberance and unfulfilled promises of hope and change , or the monumentally naive/arrogant "I'm gonna change how Washington works" declaration. Now, they are thinking about what is most likely to happen based on what they've seen so far, rather than what they would love to see happen in a fairy tale.