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Hey thanks for posting that fwmcb. So, it turns out that it will be a 1.6L after all. Assuming the information from the other article is true, this will be the upcoming 1.6L (N13) and not the existing 1.6L Mini motor.

It makes some sense, since these will likely be used in FWD Mini applications from the get-go, whereas the 2L probably won't be used in FWD applications until the 1 series MPV (or whatever they are going to call it) comes to market.

If the rumored 222hp figure turns out be true, that represents a nice bump vs. the GM 1.8L they are currently using in entry level models. Also, that's higher than the current BMW-PSA 1.6L turbo makes in any application as far as I know, including the JCW.

They mention "fuel savings innovations" so it sounds like this deal is indeed motivated by the need to produce cleaner more efficient vehicles than they feel they can achieve with current GM engines.
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