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Originally Posted by MHD Tuning View Post
People willing to provide logs adn driving sensation feedbacks can email us for details. Basically it's on invitation only while the beta is closed.

Two dynos won't give the same results for the same car, the figures should be taken as an overview (and give an idea of how the different stages are scaled).

You can check OTG compatibly with some free apps like "USB OTG checker". and/or Googling the device name + OTG support.
90% of the devices support OTG.
The software read the calibration ID of your car. Tuned table are applied of top of your car's OEM map (which will differ by region, car type etc).

Yes. We'll release table definitions for Tuner Pro which is free.

email us to join the beta program. If your cable is good quality that will do, but all KDcan cables are 2x slower for flashing than the bimmergeeks cable we recommend.
Will you guys be doing any custom tuning for big turbo upgrades, such as PS2, SpeedTech or Big Boost?