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Originally Posted by ChrisFulton View Post
I'm starting to get confused between MHD & Twisted Tuning . . .
Twisted Tuning is a USA vendor for MHD and both are currently performing "BETA testing programs?"
I'm not running a BETA. The BETA program is All MHD. I am a separate entity but myself and MHD work together on several things. I make the OTS maps for E-series N55 for MHD. But my business model outside that is Custom tuning and other design and fabrication.

But I'm trying to help MHD by requesting any of my clients test OTS mapping If theirbmods fit within the OTS realm, prior to me doing their custom tunes during the BETA timeframe stated by MHD to help provide feedback and logs and etc on the OTS maps they have for F-series which are made by Pureboost.

hopefully that Clears that up. Simply put. Just trying to assist one of my good partners.

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