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Originally Posted by bmags View Post
hey man first let me say I feel your pain very much, I've had some bad luck my cars getting damage due to no fault of my own.

I looked at the photo of that tree and its clearly a dead tree, if you see a tree with no leaves on it in the summer its definitely dead and not a good place to park a car. I'm sure you're like me and like to park one side close to the curb to prevent door dings but I find there are places I shouldn't park for various reasons. Foot traffic, obstructions that could prevent someone from seeing me when I go to pull out. Trees dead or alive. Building renovation.

I went on vacation, my car was parked near a sidewalk. I returned one week later found concrete splatter on my paint due to replacement of the sidewalk. Is it my fault, yes and no. Yes because I parked the car there, no because other people just don't give a crap about whats important to me, such as a car.

Again I'm really sorry about your luck, it happens, it can be repaired and life goes on. Wishing you better luck and many happy miles down the road!
I agonize over where to park sometimes..trying to predict every possible negative outcome of a certain spot. My wife thinks I'm crazy (probably right too.) Sometimes you just can't win. Hope it's all easily fixed!
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